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Patient Testimonials

  • "For over three months my hip hurt when I ran. Sometimes it even hurt just to walk. It forced me to cut back on my cross country training. At DeVary Chiropractic I was treated very well. The care was personalized and I wasn't treated like just another patient. Now I am running harder and training longer than I could before my pain started. I also feel like my posture is better when I'm standing or sitting."
    Hanne C., Grand Blanc, MI
  • "I have suffered for almost a year with shoulder pain and headaches. I tried another chiropractor, but I didn't get the results I expected. Since coming to DeVary Chiropractic, I have been treated very nicely and the Doctor is professional and knowledgeable. Dr. DeVary has outlined a plan for care that addresses my problem. I understand that full results can take time, but he is focusing on my shoulder now and I am starting to have more range of motion."
    Katie B., Holly, MI
  • "For years I had back, hip, and shoulder pain. I tried seeing other chiropractors and taking over the counter medications, but I didn't get results. At DeVary chiropractic I am getting relief! Dr. DeVary developed a plan of action, assesses my progress, listens to my problems, and reacts accordingly. He does not have a one-approach for all like I have seen at other offices. [He] really listens to, evaluates, and addresses my needs."
    Holly C., Grand Blanc, MI
  • "Before coming to DeVary Chiropractic I suffered for two months with shoulder pain and pressure on my nerves. My hand would fall asleep daily. I was very skeptical that anything could help me. I have been treated very well by Dr. DeVary and his staff. The Doctor has fixed my pain! I can now work at my desk without my hand going numb, and I am even sleeping better. Thank you Dr. DeVary!"
    Stephen C., Grand Blanc, MI
  • "For three months I had soreness in my right arm, shoulder, and neck. I tried stretching and taking Motrin, but the pain increased. After two weeks, I came to DeVary Chiropractic, and Dr. DeVary had a plan for my care and treatment. Now I am relieved. I can get out of bed without extreme pain and do almost anything. I am sleeping better and don't have to wake up from pains. "Give [Dr. DeVary] a try. You have nothing to lose but the pain!""
    Dawn F., Grand Blanc, MI
  • "For over 35 years I had been experiencing neck pain due to an extra cervical rib. I tried other chiropractors in the past. The staff at DeVary Chiropractic treats me very well. I like how the treatments have less modalities than many other doctors. Dr. DeVary is compatible with my lifestyle and the location makes the office easy to access. Thank you!"
    Judy M., Grand Blanc, MI
  • "I was having trouble with my hips going out. I needed to find a chiropractor to help me, and my physician suggested I see Dr. DeVary. I found out my hips weren't my only problem. My shoulders needed adjusting also. I am so glad I saw Dr. DeVary, because he helped me. I feel a lot better. My posture has improved and I can move around better than I have in years! Thanks to Dr. DeVary, everyday things such as grocery shopping became a pleasurable experience; whereas before would cause me to be in pain."
    Pat C., Flint, MI


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